The FASCOH trustees report to the Annual General Meeting

on Thursday 14th April 2016


Achievements and performances

May I commence this report with an expression of commendation and thanks for all the work that trustees, members and wider friends of FASCOH have contributed during the past year. The reason for my expression is to set in context the activity which has led to a very successful twelve months for the charity.


The trustees continued to embrace the capital fundraising programme for All Saints’ Church, Old Heathfield and to raise the balance of the required monies for the refurbishment of the church’s Victorian heating system. In doing this, the working partnership with the Churches PCC came together in a number of ways with the objective of raising sufficient funds by the end of December 2015 for Stage 2, to be completed orwith sufficient funds being raised in the pipeline.


The funding through the year was consistent in coming from a number of sources – members gifts and contributions, Gift Aid, the ‘100 Club’ and the continued staging of Thursday Topics with the objective of fundraising whilst serving the community, in which All Saints’ Church is located.


However and thankfully, this report is able to record that as a result of three major awards being received towards the heating refurbishment programme, totaling over £21,000, the trustees of FASCOH were able to report to members of the church PCC in December that sufficient funds were available for the order to be placed for the completion of Stage 2 during the early months of 2016. The source of thethree grants were the Veolia Environmental Trust, who support the installation of heating systems which are cost effective and fuel efficient;‘Awards for All’ Fund (The Lottery Fund) and the Garfield Weston Trust (received earlier in the year).


The SPACE, refurbished with the support of FASCOH some years ago, continued to be put to good use through the year. The use of this area has increased over the year with the installation of an efficient heating system (Stage 1) and this will be developed more with the completion of Stage 2 of the programme during the future months.




During the year, the Thursday Topics series were again stagedby using a variety of speakers, subjects and activities and overall proving to be successful with relative financial surpluses being generated.These included the popular Schools Area Music Festival; ‘Travels with a Time Lord’ provided an evening about Rev David’s lifetime interest in Dr Who; the very popular Italian Experience when The SPACE was full and awash with the fragrance of Italian cooking; Agincourt v Waterloo was a fascinating evening of bringing history to life; the FACE to FACE evening with a Bishop, a Judge and an Executive Director was well received with calls for the evening to be extended. It was agreed during the year not to continue with the planned ‘Christmas Tree Extravaganza’, however the Victorian Christmas Evening presented by the Rushlake Green Players proved to be so successful and well received, with requests for something similar to happen during 2016. This provides us with the lead to mention the first event in 2016 – a talk by Dr Bill Frankland which at the time of gong to press was an absolute sell out with over 100 attending.




The overall budget for the major fundraising project which had been set at £42,000 - £45,000 following advice from the diocesan architect and their appointed consultant has remained in position, now with a provisional sum being included to cover the replacement of the boiler in the future if required.


The charity, in financial terms commenced the year with a good healthy balance in hand of £4,994. Additionally, the ‘100 Club’ initiative, launched in September 2014 has grown to 55 participants by December 2015,each paying £5.00 per month contributed £2,925to the charity, and by the end of this financial year has raised a total of £5,015. The trustees are very appreciative to participants of the ‘100 Club’ for their supportthrough the first twelve months, and for the very encouraging information that all supporters have re-enrolled for a 12 months.


As will be seen from the following accounts, the charity has £13,078 to carry forward into the 2015 – 2016 financial year which includes ‘designated gifts’ awaiting transfer to the Church account.


SPECIAL NOTE – The monies awarded from the ‘AWARDS for ALL’ Fund (The Big Lottery) were paid in full, direct into the accounts of All Saints’ Church, Old Heathfield as a ‘Restrictive Gift’ and will be labelled as such within the churches annual accounts and not included within the FASCOH Charity accounts.





The trustees are again very appreciative to members of FASCOH for their annual donations and Gift Aid declarations all of which go to supporting the objectives of the charity which are for the preservation, maintenance and restoration of All Saints’ Church, Old Heathfield and St George’s Church, Broad Oak.


The trustees especially wish to thank Nigel Colne, Ann Kenward, and Jean Barnes for their determination and diligence in providing the required papers for the successful applications made to the grant making trusts; also to Michael Norman our treasurer for dealing with and reporting the financial activities of the charity and administering the finances of the ‘100 Club’through the yearand to Geoff Porter our Independent Examiner.






We are thankful again this year forthe continued sponsorship by Kingsline Solutions Ltd who have supplied our promotional material and to French’s Garage for their ongoing support.




The following is the complete list of serving Trustees following from the Annual General Meeting in February 2015 –

Jean Barnes, Nigel Colne CBE, Vicki Colne, Rev David Guest,  Peter Gower QC, Tony James, Richard Leeves, Ann Kenward, Roger Kenward, Jenny Mitton, Michael Norman, Colin Saunders, Kirsty Steele. Rev David Guest and Jenny Mitten did not stand again for 2016.


Colin Saunders – Chairman of Trustees


CBS 7.1.2016