About St. George's


Healing Communion

On the first Wednesday of every month we hold a Holy Communion service at 9.45 am at St George’s which includes prayers for healing and a laying on of hands for any who wish to receive it.

Our regular Coffee and Chat will follow at 10.30am in the Parish Room


Harvest at St George's


Dedicated in 1959, St George's was a new Church in the
Parish of All Saints Old Heathfield, to serve the needs of the
small village of Broad Oak.

It is a small but friendly Church in Broad Oak,
it is situated on the main road, in the centre of the village.

It is very easy to drive past,
but is well worth the time to call in.




Take time to admire the painting

behind the alter on the east wall.





The Painting was completed in three sections and took from November 1958 until May 1959 to complete.


The painting was done by a member and Reader
of the Church, Mordaunt Mauleverer Parker.


* * * * * * * * * * *

Other Activities

We have various other activities that are conducted, either in the Church, or in the Parish Room at the rear.

For further events follow this link to the calendar.



Roger Hunnisett.

During a "Songs of Praise" evening at St George's a new Lamp at the entrance was dedicated to the memory of
Roger Hunnisett. 
His wife Brenda was at the dedication by Rev David Guest. 


The Lamp is already being known as "Rogers Lamp". 
The inscription which is in a wooden frame
within the porch entrance reads as follows.