Declaration their own new ideas or violate religion,

Declaration of

of Independence was drafted by Thomas Jefferson, a statesman from Virginia. It
is a famous revolutionary literature, which advocates freedom, equality and
democracy, denied the feudal hierarchy, authoritarian rule and colonial rule of
the British government. It reflected the philosopher of the enlightenment, John
Locke’s major ideas- life, liberty and property. Enlightenment thought also
influenced and helped inspire American Revolution. Thus, they established the
United States as an independent nation, not on ethnic or religious unity.

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one people has to separate from another people and make a new country, they
should explain why. Declaration states: “All men are created equal, that
they are endowed by their Creator certain inalienable rights, including the
right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” This view improved
the status of people. These truths are clear to describe all men are equal and
destroyed the foundation of the feudalism. People have certain rights from God,
among these are life, freedom, and pursuing their dreams. It broke traditional
religious ideas and institutions, negation of this life and put their hopes in
heaven or the afterlife, which is the development of the concept of human

the primary purpose of government is to protect people’s rights and happiness
and government is based on the agreement of the people. So the people are
sovereign, all the rights of government come from the people. The Government is
to obey the will of the people, to respect and protect the rights and freedoms
of people, which mean it is a strong commitment to individualism. Before the Enlightenment,
people cannot have their own new ideas or violate religion, but after this,
they accepted new ideas and can debate these new concepts. So it is an
important revolution in modern political theory.       

the government should accept the people’s supervision. If
the government does not protect people’s rights, they can change it. Therefore,
declaration states: “……That whenever any government becomes destructive to
these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it, and to establish
a new government.” This shows if the government becomes callous
oppressors, the people have power and rights to revolt or to overthrow it.

also criticized the current king of Britain, George III is acting like a
tyranny. For example, the Declaration accuses the king of refusing to approve
laws necessary for the public good and imposing taxes without the consent of
the people to be taxed. The Declaration further accuses George III rejected all
peaceful attempts to compromise, the Boston Massacre and the Tea Party inflames
anti- British feeling. So the colonists must revolt to be governed by the king.
But they only accused the king, not the representative of the British
government in order to use internal Britain to restrict
the power of the King. So declaration of Independence passed quickly.

the representatives of the American appealing to God, and on behalf of the
American people and declare that the colonies are all in dependent. To make
this a reality, they depend on God’s protection, and everyone should vow to do
everything and risk their lives from freedom.

of Independence is one of the most important documents and enlightenment
thought deeply affected the future development of the United States. Since
1776, that “all men are created equal” as the basic principles of the
America, also as people’s beliefs and ideals, has been famed for futurity. Declaration
of Independence embodied democratic ideas, inspired generation to strive it.