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I am very pleased to recommend Mr Rishabh Rawat as a
prospective student for graduate program at your University. Rishabh is a
good-natured, hark-working, and intelligent student.I have known him in his 4th
year as an undergraduate student of Computer Science and Engineering and I had
many opportunities to observe him. I was his instructor for the courses “Mobile
Computing” and “Cloud computing”, and I was also his project examiner. I would
like to elucidate few facts about him that impressed me the most.


has strong technical skills. He has an exceptional contol in JAVA, ASP MySQL
and HTML. He presented a splendid project named “SMS A2P and P2A Application
Service”, which is a
keyword based SMS application service for mobile customers.
I have to say Rishabh is quite ambitious and hard-working as it is very
difficult to create a project on both front and back ends, making him a full
stack programmer. In the classroom, Rishabh is a well-manered, attentive and a
good-natured student. He is very interactive and endorses the discussions with
natural ease. He is self-reliant and possesses good levels of self-confidence.

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Rishabh’s deep understanding of the mobile and cloud
computing as well as his quest for knowledge constantly impressed me. He has
repeatedly proved his conceptual ability and creative outlook in the classroom
debates. His seminar on the topic ‘Cloud Management’ was highly appreciable,
in-which he covered all the concepts very thoroughly.
He has flair for keeping himself updated with latest developments in


Rishabh is serious-minded and highly motivated when it comes
to studies, and has a clear idea of what he wants to accomplish academically
and professionally. Keeping in view all the above stated facts, I would place
him among the top 5% of his class students. He is unquestionably a
talented student with an exceptional mind. With his self confidence and
intellectual ability, he will excel in graduate studies and I recommend him to
be awarded an assistantship to enable him pursue his further studies.


I wish him all the best in his future endeavors.





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