Ibn for someone to know something that doesn’t

Ibn Daud – Believes in free will and believes that g-d does not know what will happen, although he does not call this an imperfection rather he thinks it’s impossible for someone to know something that doesn’t exists. Ibn Daud argues that it is the intellect that chooses between good and evil and he also claims that the choice is based on what the man wants. He has nothing to say on the possibility of repentance which seems to imply that it is determined by a man’s first choice.Crescas – Believes that g-d has ultimate knowledge and knows what man will do next. He explains that punishment is simply natural consequences of wrong doings. (fire burns the person which comes contact with it) the burn isn’t the punishment it’s what just happens. Acts will lead to reward and punishment even though the will is not determined by man itself. Crescas Believes that man has the ability to choose between two things although he is influenced by outside factors such as education or how he was raised. G-d still knows what will happen. The torah is meant to influence us to make the “Right choice” but yet we can still make the wrong one and g-d would know. Crescas Believes that people voluntarily have the option to choose between two things and they make this decision based on other influences but G-d will still know that you would make the decision and what the outcome will be. Part 3Ibn Daud – Strength – he says that anything that doesn’t exist cannot be known by anyone. The decisions a human makes comes from within them. Weakness – not knowingly proves that g-d has an imperfection by saying that it’s impossible for someone to know something that doesn’t exist. If g-d is limitless, and almighty he should know everything and anything. Crescas- Strength – he explains that g-d does not control punishment and that its a natural part of life. Claims that each human can make their own decision based on what they are influenced by but god knows the outcome and what the person will pick Weakness – why do bad things happen to good people? If g-d knows what the person is going to pick than how is the person making the decision g-d planned everything, all the “influences” happened in order for that person to make that decision in the end.My Argument: There is no such thing as free will g-d knows what will happen in the future. Based off Crescas argument my outside influences determine my choices in life. Punishments are just naturals causes of actions done. I believe that these things are key in our lifetime decision making and these are some of the reasons I strongly agree with Crescas argument on free will and determinism.