Psychology says that green can be used in

Psychology of colors
has become an important part of the interior design in the last few decades. It
focuses on how colors affect our emotions. When holding a color palette in your
hands, make sure that the impression of the shade you choose leaves on the people
who are in that area. This is certainly the reason why we will deal with the
best colors for your lofts
in this list, taking into account that this is mostly a very small space and
that there is not much room for experiments. Colors have always served to represent
traditional, cultural, religious or emotional symbolism. Sometimes, without a
single word, with only one color, you can describe an event, emotion, or mood.
Do not forget that the meaning of colors can be culturally different – for
example, although the black is the color of death in many countries, in China,
white color is associated with death. But, this does not mean that you should
not take care of colors in your home, as they may imply different things to
different people. Of course, never choose colors that you don’t like, simply
because someone said they have a great meaning. Try to combine both; colors
that you like and those that can affect your life positively and you will see
the changes in your mood. So, let’s start.


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Although many believe
that the blue color is cold, the psychology of this color actually implies its
calmness, as it is connected with water. Blue is a great choice for bedroom,
dining and living rooms, and in most cases, your loft is all on one.


This color is
considered to be the color of nature and in charge of creating a peaceful
ambience. Psychology of colors says that green can be used in all rooms because
it is very welcoming and peaceful, making it a great color for your loft.


This color is extremely
important in the psychology of colors, as it is considered the most effective
color when trying to create a room that resonates with calmness and beauty. Many
medical practitioners have painted their walls in this color, implying that it
can be a great color for your loft, too.

White and light beige

These are neutral
colors that create a sense of peace and well-being within all people that are
surrounded by them. The reason is that these colors come from nature, and
natural tones have the power to create a sense of peace and tranquility. These
colors are great for walls and furniture, and if you still haven’t decided how
to paint your loft, maybe this is a great idea.


Although red may not be
a good idea to paint your whole loft, maybe you should think about separately
painting your bedroom or place that you use as a bedroom, as it inspires
passion and intimacy. In the color psychology it is considered a good color for
bedrooms and living rooms as well.


Most people associate
orange with pumpkins and autumn days. The psychology of colors believes that
this is the reason why orange creates an illusion of heat and seasonal changes
that bring happiness. Orange is therefore one of the best colors for your loft.