The his father to do everything in his

The assonance created
enhances the meaning of the poem as a whole by using words such as “dying” and
“light.” Two words that are different from each other give a negative
connotation about the speaker’s father. The speaker wants his father to go
“against the dying of the light” and to fight for the future. The repetition of
the vowels creates a vivid image of what the speaker is trying to convey.


The speaker does not
want to let his father go and feels like he can motivate him to escape death.

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The assonance ties that together and puts forth the meaning that the speaker
wants his father to do everything in his power to escape the light that is
fainting away. There is so much to live for and the speaker feels that the time
is not right for his father to move on because he has not left his mark in the
world yet.